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Hi! I'm Oisín Quinn. I’m a front-end software engineer living out in the countryside of Cavan in rural Ireland. I currently work remotely for HubSpot, where I build various things™ in React and TypeScript.

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I've tried my hand at a lot of different tech over the past few years, but I'm a big fan of JavaScript and front-end software development (especially React). I grew up as a kid always on the internet, writing blog posts about all the latest Club Penguin tips and tricks and tweeting way before I should've been. I was amazed at how easy it was to create something as complex as a website, and easily build something that people could start using straight-away.

Since then, I've grown a lot taller, grown a beard and completed a computer science degree. I've finally got the skills to turn my ideas into something that people can actually use, which is a really liberating feeling! In the past two years I've fallen in love with web development again – there's just something so cool about building software that can run in the web browser of billions of devices worldwide. Also I just think JavaScript is the best (sorry).

I also love music! I listen to a lot of it, sometimes write about it and once had a student radio show talking about it. I'm really interested in the overlap between music and tech, which is something I really want to play with more in the future.

Some things I've made

Screenshot of my dBikes Planner app, showing a map view displaying how many bikes are available at each bike-sharing station

dBikes Planner

A journey planning system for the dublinbikes bike sharing scheme

Read the retrospective blog post
A screenshot showing the website.


A React website showcasing a new Irish artist every day

Follow the development on my blog
A crowd of students listening to a speaker at the SISTEM tech conference.


A student-run tech conference that I co-organised for two years

Learn more about SISTEM
A picture of me giving a lightning talk over Zoom.

javascript is good, actually

A lightning talk I gave at ShortStack conference highlighting what I love about JavaScript.

Watch my talk and slides
The logo for my radio show, Quinntessentials.


A radio show I hosted for three years, highlighting my favourite albums

Listen to the podcast

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