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New blog, who dis?

Soooo I've rearranged things on here again. I've had free shared web hosting on www.ecowebhosting.co.uk for the past three or four years, but that's finally running out very soon. So I decided I'd move this site over to Netlify, because it has no reason not to be static. The homepage was fine but for this blog, I moved from WordPress over to Jekyll with the Poole theme. I made very few adjustments to the default, apart from adding post previews to the homepage instead of the full post.

From what I've seen, Jekyll seems really handy. It's nice being able to write posts in the text editor of my choice (which is always VSCode) and I always liked Markdown. The whole file system took a bit of getting used to, but I know enough to get by now. It's nice to be able to use git for everything too.

I'm happy I've moved away from a shared hosting platform. I don't need to run something big and clunky like WordPress for a super basic dev blog that I don't plan on doing anything advanced with. Also it's much faster to load, thanks to Netlify's CDN. And, on top of that, with Netlify, static site hosting is free so it doesn't cost me a cent to run this. Well, apart from the .io domain name. I've moved my email provider to somewhere more reliable and I don't really have a need for ssh or ftp anyway. Being able to build my site automatically from Git is very handy indeed.